Qonsult Engineering's Team

Dr. Ing. Tommaso Berruti

Aeronautical Engineer, within Qonsult he is responsible for contracts and ongoing projects management.

Dr. Ing. Lorenzo Grassano

Mechanical Engineer, within Qonsult he is responsible for Occupational Health and Safety area and for Marketing jobs.

Dr. Renato Ruaro

Phd in phisics, within Qonsult he is responsible for Environment area, IT, HACCP and training.

Dr. Ing. Mauro Vivaldi

Mechanical Engineer, within Qonsult he is responsible for Engineering and Quality Systems area.

A brief overview of who we are:

Our roots
Our Company started in 1999 as “Studio Tecnico Associato” combining the extensive industrial skill and experience of three professionals Tommaso Berruti, Lorenzo Grassano and Mauro Vivaldi. In February 2005 our “Studio” turned to a LLC Engineering Company adding a new associated, Renato Ruaro.

The Development
The Company grew rapidly and also acquired long duration consultancy contracts in the field of major infrastructures cooperating with important international firms and interfacing some of the major italian engineering companies and public bodies.
Qonsult has implemented an internal QMS certified in accordance with ISO 9001 Standard. Q.E.’s Operational headquarters are located in Albenga and Imperia.

Experience and Professionality

Q.E. boasts a team of senior and junior professionals capable of supporting private Companies and public bodies in several fields. Our senior engineers offer their experience to the Clients in order to achieve their maximum satisfaction based on measurable results.

Our main skills are:

Design and Engineering

Strategical Management

Multidisciplinary training